Since autumn 2003, we have been offering new Greek publications on our database, particularly to academic libraries in universities.

We compile bibliographic information by analyzing the book and, after classifying the results according to bibliographic criteria, present the information to the user.

Desired titles can be found according to subject fields or individually by title and author.

A speech bubble appears above the short title with a brief summary of the contents.

Registered users can access the bibliographic details by clicking on the red question mark.

Included in the detailed information, the author, title and publication particulars can be found in transliterated form followed by the original Greek script. The series details are always transliterated. In the case of differing transliteration criteria the appropriate interpretation can be made.

If a criterion is missing, for instance, the series, this line will not be included.

The technical details are followed by a short list of the contents.

Using the shopping cart, the book can be easily ordered.

The range and date of publication can be restricted as desired in order to facilitate the search function. A search can also be based on the ISBN number or keywords. The keyword search also includes the information from the list of contents.

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