Based on the selection of subjects, we automatically deliver consignments of new publications to larger academic libraries.

This is another important area of our service.

First of all we offer an easy-to-use application for the Approval Plan.

Excluding standing orders already in place, only specialist and academically tenable first editions or revised editions are sent on approval.

This service of automatic consignments on approval is particularly useful for large libraries whose main emphasis is on particular collections and which have specific subsidized collections.

An Approval Plan is always based on an individual agreement, whereby right of return is of course guaranteed.

The bibliographic details are sent either accompanying the consignment as paper copy.

It is possible to expand the range of subjects to be shipped according to individual requirements.

The gradual expansion of the Approval Plan Service in the future will include further library-specific applications, particularly in the areas of electronic data transference and other outsourcing services.

We can offer, therefore, for the first time on such a large scale, a competent supply service for Greek literature which meets the vital needs of academic libraries.

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